Did My First Sew In! :)--Partial

Yes. I did it. It wasn't as easy as it looks my friends. It was a learning curve. I didn't do it perfect, but I do know what to look out for the next time I do one. I learned from mistakes and will try and do a better job the next time. My client purchased hair that didn't really match her hair texture. She also wanted a lot of leave-out which was fine. I did Bantu knots in the front of her head to match the texture of the sew in better. It's been days since I installed it and I only had to secure one track because it came loose. That's fine. I'm just glad that the wind didn't blow and my sister's sew-in didn't fly off her head with it. I plan on doing a stocking cap weave with leave-out on my daughter this weekend. I will post pictures.


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