Futura Hair Review--Bulk Hair


My daughter wanted to get tree braids and my budget could not afford human hair. I mean, my daughter can barely clean her room so I didn't want to waste money on my child when it isn't quite known if she would take care of the hair and appreciate it.

So I ran across some Futura hair that makes a claim that it can be curled. For just $5.99, I purchased two packs and....prayed.

Surprisingly the hair held up. I wasn't too positive that it would curl and warned my precious daughter that it may not.

The hair CURLED!!!!! And continues to curl! I am amazed at the amount of hairstyles that my daughter was able to create with this hair. It curls almost as great as human hair and will hold a curl for a long length of time. It also handles a wash pretty well and curled right back into the style that my daughter liked.

I give this hair **** out of ***** stars!!!!! It does get harsh towards the end but much more worth what I paid! I'm incredibly impressed and will be purchasing this hair for her again. Hell I may even purchase this for myself as well.

You guys know that I love my tree braids but because of nerve damage to the left side of my head, I can't really tolerate wearing braids so no sew ins or tree braids for a while. For those inquiring minds, two packs were used for this style.


  1. How many packs of hair did you need for this style? It looks great!


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