All About My Hair Review Part Two

This is the hair fresh out of the bag. All About My Hair 28' Kinky Curly

I am sealing the remaining Kinky Curly 28' due to big big shedding issues that I'm having with this hair. I went to Michael's Craft Store and purchasd Aileen's Stop Fraying for $5.99. I sealed both sides and am letting them dry.   

I really really want to like this hair so far but again the shedding is a nightmare, but it is so beautiful when installed. I just wished that the 4 oz. that I purchased was enough. I got a shipping confirmation for my 20' today so I'm just waiting. I DO plan on sealing that hair. I may even contact the company and ask them about the batch that I received. I didn't like the huge puff balls at the ends of the hair.

If I could create a visual, just imagine poodle legs....I had beautiful 4a/b curls and then at the bottom.....POODLE. Really strange. We will see with the next batch though. I hope this install really works for me because I wanted to purchase a Glueless RPG lacefront and with the money my hubby spent on this hair, I actually could have had the lacefront instead. I really just wanted something to match my texture so that I could just get up and go in the morning and not worry about styling.

I hope that I can at least get several installs out of this hair. If the shedding continues then this will be next to impossible. But we shall see how everything works out.

As far as my install. I left hair out in the front, sides and will be leaving hair out in the back for ponytails. I purchased some Suave Humectant conditioner for cowashing every other day while in the shower. Again....I just hope that this hair really works for me. Because if it doesn't then I'm going to install my Indique.


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