Cuticle Remy XQ Review

Beautiful hair!

Very easy to curl and style. Holds a curl beautifully! Curls will last all day long with this hair.

Shine is off the charts with NO oil sheen. This hair has a heavier consistency that works really well with relaxed hair.
This is a full sew in with no hair left out at all. 1 1/2 packs of hair was used to complete this style in 12' and 14' respectively.

Well due to nerve damage in my scalp, I'm unable to wear weaves for now due to my lupus. (Gosh...I really miss my fabulous weaves) It's hard to try to make yourself feel glamorous when you're stuck in a wheelchair.

But I'm rambling.

I do, however, have a twin sister who is currently sporting this hair. First off, it's beautiful. It has a "heavy" feel to it. According to their website...

Its the Perfect Remy Hair.
-Resilient Cuticle Strength
-Visibly Bold, Shiny, Healthy Hair
-Innovative Shed-Free Weft Design
-Ageless & Reusable wash after wash

Okay. Again the hair is beautiful and has a premium look to it. I couldn't keep my fingers out of my sister's hair the day she had it sewn in. Absolutely gorgeous.

The bad?

"It started to shed at the beginning of the third week of my install. It wasn't much but at the fourth week, it became more moderate. As far tangling, it began around the third week. To remedy the situation, I washed it and the tangling stopped. I didn't use any product so I can't say that using  product made it tangle. 

I would say that it is the best hair that I've worn. I wear Saga a lot because it's softer and Cuticle Remy XQ doesn't feel that way. It has a heavier feel. The stylist used 1 1/2 packs for my install. I don't think that it was worth the price that I paid, which was around $230. I would recommend this hair to other people because I got a much longer wear out of it before it began to tangle and shed. I recommend that if you purchase this hair, and it begins to tangle, please wash and condition it. Don't use a lot of product on this hair either because it will cause the hair to tangle even more. Again I do recommend the hair if you don't mind paying the price."

Thanks to my twin sister for her review! 

Please seal your wefts if you are buying expensive hair. It can be time consuming placing Aileens Stop Fraying or whatever you choose to seal with on your wefts, but it's worth it in the long run. With the economy, who has money to continue buying hair all of the time?

Sealing the wefts ensures that your wefts will remain reusable and won't bald anytime soon.  

As far as Cuticle Remy XQ, don't let the name fool you. If the hair is not virgin hair, it will probably be processed at some point. Even giving the hair a light process will cause hair to tangle, unlike virgin hair.


I do get irritated when I go to the beauty supply and see all these special names for hair, like Indian Remy and Cuticle Remy when in reality it's still PROCESSED HAIR.  I don't have a problem with processed hair at all but there are a lot of women out there that don't know or can't tell the difference. They purchase these products and three or four weeks later, wondering why their Indian Remy hair is tangling.  

It's sort of like that Human Blend that you see too. It makes people think they are buying human hair when it is really a synthetic blend of very few human hairs while the majority of the hair is synthetic. I learned that lesson the hard way when I tried to put a curling iron in my human blend. Let's just say it is a nightmare trying to peel plastic hair off of a curling iron. 

The final answer? If you're looking for awesome looking hair for a special event or a vacation, purchase this hair if you have the extra bucks. If not, find a vendor that sells Virgin unprocessed hair if you're looking for longevity. 


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  2. thank you for your honest review. i went through a similar situation with Indio Remy. I wish I had seen your review before i sank 300 in that weave. couldnt tell the difference until it was too late. I am sorry to hear about lupus affecting you. I will keep you in my prayers for strength! thanks again!

  3. Thanks for a great honest review. I've been wearing weaved hair for over 20 years and am looking for hair that will not tangle or get dry and stiff. I pay A LOT of money for my hair, weave it myself then pay a lot to get it cut. I would love to find hair that will last for 2-3 months; I know it's not going to stay looking like the first weeks, but I take care of my hair and can't stand when it starts looking and feeling ratty within a few weeks and sheds everywhere. I appreciate your recommendation about virgin unprocessed hair and will be looking into it. If you have any advice for a good brand and/or site, please let me know. Email: deeme123ATyahooDOTcom.

    Best of luck with your Lupus. I had it for years and am now in remission--there is help through doctors and God! Hang in there, I know it's hard.

  4. Thanks for your honest review...hard to find online. I've been weaving my hair for a long time and am looking for really good hair. I pay a lot of money for hair and more to get it cut and styled only to have it dry, brittle, and ratty after a few weeks. I know it won't stay the same as when first done, but I'd love to find hair that will hold up for 2-3 months without tangling and looking horrible. I take care of my hair well but still end up with similar results. I appreciate the advice about virgin unprocessed hair and am looking into it....I'm one of those who always buy "100% human hair". If you have any advice about a good brand and/or site, I'd love to know. You can contact me at deeme123ATyahooDOTcom.

    I wish you luck with your Lupus. I had it and am now in remission. I know it's difficult to deal with but things can get better with the help of good doctors and God.

  5. This is one of the worse weaves I have ever experienced in my life. Two weeks. Count em. TWO is how long this crap lasted. I was only on the second wash and it was matted beyond repair. Looks good at first but for 500 dollars for three packs I expected the world and got the opposite


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