How To Put False Lashes On

Salon Perfect Perfect Eyelash Applicator Review

So I found this lovely device from Walmart today. I have never been able to put fake lashes on without the help of a makeup artist. I love the look of lashes but for some reason, I haven't been able to achieve that look.

Well today...all of that changed. For the unbeatable price of $2.83, I saw this and threw it into my cart, anxious to try this out at home.

It hold the lash in place for you so that you can apply the glue to the last without getting any on your fingers. It also helps you align the lash to your natural lashes to get the ultimate hold!

I highly recommend. I will post pictures later when I actually have somewhere to go! I'm in pain and won't be leaving the house anytime soon. But I did it with a few practice tries. I can't wait until I can put my lashes on!!!!! Adding lashes to any makeup look, gives it a more dramatic flair. What do you think?


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