In The Hospital

Looking for positive energy and prayer right now....Thanks a lot. Not a whole lot going on with my hair.


  1. First of I would like to say that, with or without the hair your are fabulous. Reading your post, and considering you sweet demeanor proves that to me. I'm sorry about you not being able to wear your hair due to nerve damage from Lupus and I pray you that you continue to muster up the strength to fight this.
    I appreciate your post about this hair. This is my 3rd week of having this hair and it's beginning to tangle:( I must admit I did put conditioning moisturizer on it. By doing this did I damage the hair, I washed it twice with the moroccan shampoo and conditioner. I must admit my hair looked great when I blew it out. I getting nervous now because it's beginning to shed like crazy. What should I do?

  2. It's hard to say..are you relaxed, natural? It could be shedding due to too much moisture or not enough protein. I need more information to say. Thanks for reading the blog and if you get this, email me back.


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