"Why Don't Black Girls Wear Weave Like Their Own Hair?" And Other Rants....

I was asked this question by someone that doesn't have much experience around Black women and don't have the slightest clue about hair weaves. I guess people ponder the strangest things.

Anyway, I've heard many women of color make this comment. My answer to that question is that lots of women have expressed the desire to wear weaves closer to their own natural textures but you can't buy what no one WAS selling.

That's all changed now. You can buy hair in any texture, in any length, and in any color. In the end, it really should not matter why one person wants to wear a particular texture in their head.

Today I was on YouTube where this absolutely gorgeous woman of color was doing a video on her Peruvian hair. It was absolutely gorgeous and I believe she used six packs to create the look.

Many people were giving her compliments or commenting on things that had nothing to do with the video like the length of her lashes (as if that mattered).

But there were many comments from natural women similar to this.

"I don't understand why Black women want to wear other people's hair on their heads. I've been natural for three months now and it was the best decision I've ever made!"
I found myself getting highly annoyed. The young woman that made that comment had been natural for a whole three months. I'm sure perhaps two years prior if a natural woman had made a similar comment to her, she wouldn't have appreciated it. I mean who wants someone else to tell them what they SHOULD be doing with their own hair?

And everyone comes to their own truths sooner or later. Relaxed, natural, or somewhere in between. Just keep your hair healthy and beautiful. That's the only thing that should matter. And if I want to wear another person's hair on my head, then it's my business.


  1. I'm with you 100%. Why does it bother people so much about what someone else is doing with their own hair? Not to mention we're on the internet why are people investing negative energy into someone they don't know or even care about. I don't understand. If I don't like something I see on the internet I leave the page.


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