How To Be A "GOOD" Hair YouTube Guru

With the amount of successful ladies (and men) on YouTube becoming beauty vloggers, now everyone wants to do it. There are many perks such as money, gifts, vendors giving you free supplies just so you can review, and of course the fame.

But it's not all fine and dandy. The truly bored people in the world love to sit back and criticize you for a birthmark on your face, the gap in your teeth, or the pantyhose hanging from the shower in your bathroom. There is even a forum where you can go just to "hate" on YouTube gurus. The stuff that I've read there is ridiculous. For you ladies that pride yourself on privacy, this isn't the best decision for you. Some of those women must be private investigators because they were able to even find out the addresses of where some of these Vloggers lived!

Stalkers much?

If you can handle the criticism, you are a bright and bubbly personality, and you're ready to put yourself out there in the world, then go for it. Even though I'm not a vlogger, I watch a lot of them. Here are some tips to become successful;

1. First you can't be boring. I'm boring...well a little boring. 

I vlog about lupus, not so much about beauty. I'm all about getting information out there. If you're a lively energetic person, then you're the type of person that will quickly gain an audience.

I've seen many people that I will turn on just so I can get some sleep. Lupus will turn you into a insomniac. Boring people don't get an audience. If you don't get an audience, then companies will NOT send you free stuff.

2. Get good equipment. 

There is nothing more annoying than watching someone with an inferior camera trying to do a video. You can't hear them, they look blurry, and you get a headache trying to figure out what the hell they are talking about. I edit my lupus videos on a Mac so it's a little more advanced than the PC when it comes to editing videos.

I don't suggest you drop $1300 on a laptop but you may want to invest in a really good HD camera. Especially those of you that are doing tutorials for makeup or how to do a particular hairstyle. If I can't figure out what you're doing, then I'm going to the next video, I'm not going to hit the like button, and I definitely won't subscribe. audience.

3. Try to stick to one topic and go from there.

Some vloggers out there do videos from hair, makeup, advice, and even cooking videos. That's fine for some of the top vloggers but if you're just starting out, you want to find your niche. What is going to set you apart from the other vloggers? Don't mimic what other people do, find out what they are doing and then DO SOMETHING ELSE. Be original. That's a very quick way to get more subscribers.

4. Get theme music and a unique opening sequence!

I've followed people just because they had a great theme song even when they looked like clowns! Again, this is where you want to set yourself apart from others. You have producers that scour YouTube vids looking for the next new star. Get a big following and you too could become a star overnight!!!

5. Stay positive and don't argue with your detractors.

For every great video, there are numerous THUMBS DOWN. I think there is just a band of trolls out there, looking for someone to put down, since they can't be gurus themselves. Don't go back and forth with them. Anyone knows that once you put your stuff out there for anyone to view it, you will be criticized; many times unfairly. Don't worry about them. Most of the time, your true fans will fight the nonsense for you.

6. Be prepared for the YouTube Drama.

It happens to the best gurus but it's almost unavoidable. Stay away from controversial topics or talking about what the other gurus do on their channels. Guru X's fans will go after Guru Y's fans because Guru X said something about Guru Y's wig. Don't go there!!! Stay positive and true to your channel.

7. Stick to the topic at hand PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF NEPTUNE!

You all know what I'm talking about. You go to see a hair weaving technique but Guru F doesn't really get into the technique until the 6:23 marker. Before that, she was busy talking about her kids report card, the ticket she got on her car, and what she was going to eat for dinner. While some people don't mind the personal talk, save that for another channel. Try to stick to one thing at a time and get to the point as quickly as possible.

In the Information Age that we live in, many people are on a tight time schedule. So talking about your new puppy for five minutes before you start a tutorial is a real turnoff. It can also cause you to lose on your subscribers that you already have. If you're going to talk, use the Annotations option to at least tell your viewers when you actually start the tutorial so we don't have to hear you yaking away about a topic that I didn't click on to hear.

If I want to watch you do crochets and you're talking about the car accident your best friend had, I'm changing to another channel.


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