Indique Sew In

Indique Pure Straight **Purchased three years ago and still going strong!!**18' on the bottom and 16' on top...the majority of it is 18' though** At the time Indique gave you two extra inches of length, which was very generous. I'm not sure if they are still doing this though. **I wanted my sew in to be lighter..not too much hair on my head. My braiding pattern is just straight to the back with a perimeter braid going all around the head.**

Getting a little closer....

Just playing around with the camera....

Lighting in my bedroom isn't all that great.
Three years later and still going strong! My Indique Pure Straight looks great! I didn't use all of the hair...I didn't want all of that hair in my head. Remember, I spend most of my days in bed anyway. I do sew ins in my hair to practice my skills. By the way, if you live in Chicago or the NW Indiana area, I am open to doing sew ins for $40. Let me know.

Anywhoooo, three years later and this hair still performs and acts like it's brand new. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and wanted some sexy hair. Gotta look good in the wheelchair ladies and gentlemen! I basically want to feel more feminine. I know my wheelchair doesn't really define that but when you are stuck in bed all day long, literally fighting for your life, then certain things take a backseat.

I already can't wear heels anymore, unless I'm in a chair. If I go to the store or running a quick errand. I can get away with a walker or sometimes a cane. I just need something....

Sorry for the rant. I'll probably be keeping this weave in for quite some time. I used 1 1/4 bundle to create this look.


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