Jamaican Black Castor oil, African's best, tea tree oil, and the rest are wonderful products that I've used in the past but..........


I see this on YouTube sooooooooo much I want to scream.

Oil is used for sealing the hair not for moisture. I saw a young lady putting oil in between her tracks. All this will do is proceed to get your weave oily. Oily weaves tangle, especially processed hair.

After the use of some of these products (with the exception of the conditioner) THEN you use the oils on top of the hair (Remember, a light touch is needed) to seal the moisture in your hair.

Doing this on a regular basis will increase the moisture in your hair, especially for the naturals out there!!!

Word of Caution: If your hair starts to feel mushy and loaded with product, you have over moisturized your hair. This will lead to BREAKAGE!!!!! You will need a clarifying shampoo (Suave makes a wonderful clarifying shampoo) and possibly a protein treatment to rectify the situation.

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