Top Five Mistakes When Doing A Sew-In For Newbies

Yes I have the audacity to be doing a Top Five Mistake post when I've probably done about five sew in weaves. But trust me, it was a learning curve. Don't make the mistakes that I did. Keep practicing and you'll get better at it.

Get the right equipment!
1. Make sure you have the correct needle and thread for your sew-in. I would suggest purchasing at least three needles for a sew in because it saves lots of time. Threading a needle too long can cause the thread to bunch up and knot up in the hair, causing your client to scream out in pain and frustrating you because you have to start over.

2. Being careful not to bunch the hair up into the thread. 

This is annoying for me because if you're not paying attention, your client's hair can get caught up in the thread, causing the track to bunch up.

3. If doing a partial weave, make sure that you leave enough leave-out hair to cover the tracks!

This is important and can mess up a really good sew in if you don't leave out enough hair on the sides or the perimeter, depending on what your client wants. Leaving out hair just behind the ear is a good starting point for me.

4. Make sure you secure the ends of the sew in by placing a well placed knot.

This ensures that when your client combs their hair, the sew in isn't going to come apart in the comb. That would actually be hilarious....not so much for the client. I make sure I triple knot at the end to secure the sew in. 

Also, sew the ends of the track over and over again so that it is secure. Do so, even if you're not cutting the wefts and folding them over like I do. You want those ends to lie very flat against your client's head.

You don't want to worry about or get phone calls from your client, complaining that the sew in is loose or coming apart. It's embarrassing and unprofessional. Do it right the first time. 

5. Decide on the best braiding pattern for the flattest results before you start.

Everyone has a different braid pattern, some lay flatter than others. Decide if a net is best or if you'd rather attach the hair directly to the braid. Go to YouTube and type in "braiding patterns for sew ins" and thousands of videos will come up to assist you. For your first sew ins, you want to pick something easy but secure and flat enough for the style that your client wants. 

Doing hair is a competitive business and everyday, someone is inventing a new technique for the best new look. The best part about doing hair is discovering these new practices and putting them into action.

  Doing hair is all about style and creativity. There are endless hair models out there that don't mind a free or reduced sew in so that you can practice your skills. Remember practice makes perfect!


  1. Do you have a video on how to triple thread?


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