Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner Review

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Creme of Nature?

You've got something there!

I helped myself to an individual packet of conditioner at the beauty store, willing to try something new. I got around to washing my hair today and decided to use this as a deep conditioner. I let it stay in my head, using body heat to activate the conditioning properties, for about half an hour before rinsing out.

What were the results?

Just beautiful, moisturized hair that smells so divine!!! I'm going to have to go the BSS to buy a larger bottle of this stuff. Anything that makes my hair smell and look like this is worth another shot! 

I sealed my hair with tea tree oil, (my favorite) and it just did wonders for my little natural curls. I'm currently past collarbone length and hope to see APL (arm pit length) at least by next year around this same time. 

I recommend this product. Go on, give it a try. Your hair may thank you for it!


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