Make Your Hair Weave Ready

You're ready to get your first weave! If you've decided that you want to install a weave, here are some great tips! 


1. Wash and condition your hair on a regular basis and don't deviate from this schedule.
2. Use good products. Focus on moisture rich and protein rich products.
3. Know when to use protein based products or moisture  products.
4. Let your hair grow until it is at least FOUR inches long. (this could vary. Choose for yourself. This is just a guideline)

5. If you are relaxed, don't get a relaxer and then a perm. If you want to give yourself an edge up, that's fine. 

6.  While wearing the weave, wash your hair and condition it thoroughly.

7. After taking the weave out, treat your hair to a "spa day" Deep condition your hair and treat it well!.

8. Repeat this process if you plan on wearing your weaves back to back. Some may argue that wearing weaves back to back can damage the hair but it depends on the person. I personally have not had this problem.


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