Why Do Black Girls Wear Weave?

I actually cringe when I see this or hear this question. This particular industry makes billions of dollars from it. Black women aren't the only ones that wear weaves but for some reason, we get called out on it more than anyone else. 

Many people feel that Black women are incapable of growing hair so that we wear extensions. There are Black women that perpetuate this stereotype as well. There isn't just one hair texture assigned to Black women but the kinkier, the "worse" the texture for some people. I used to think this way because I just couldn't figure my hair out. I just knew that it grew slower than others so I decided to just weave it up forever. It wasn't until I stumbled on a hair board for Black women, did my theories begin to change. I'm glad that they did.

I'm going to try and list all the reasons why Black girls wear weave. Forgive me if I'm missing any reasons and feel free to leave comments if you think I left anything out.

  • They want to protect their hair from styling and any other abuses. Some textures can be extremely fragile so it's best that you "cover" your hair for protective purposes.

  • They hate their own hair and feel that they can't do anything with it.
  • They want to experiment with other textures.
  • Hair weaves are like accessories.
  • They want to experiment with different colors.
  • We can be very creative.
  • Health reasons from alopecia, cancer, lupus, thyroid, or any other condition.
  • Taking certain medications.
  • Injury.
  • Because they freaking want to.
  • Same reason why any other race wears weaves so don't pick on just us!
  • They want to experiment with different lengths.
  • To get a job. (modeling, acting, singing, etc.)
  • People tell them that they CAN'T grow hair so they wear extensions.
  • Damage to their hair.
  • None of your business.
These are just some of the reasons and I'm sure there are many more. But please remember that everyone is different and may have their own reasons. It shouldn't matter in the end though. Before you go judging a Black woman for wearing a weave, take a look at other races of women as well. Don't assume that a Black woman HAS to be wearing a weave because her hair is down her back and the White woman standing besides her isn't. 

You will be surprised......


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