The Profitability of Selling Hair Weave

Maybe five years ago, there were just a handful of companies where you could go and purchase hair weave online, despite the abundance of it in your local beauty supply store.

With an internet connection, a great hook up at AliBaba and BOOM! You could be in the business of selling hair yourself. Send quality bundles to a great YouTube Guru and you could be looking at a great business opportunity yourself.

Here's the catch.

When you go to AliBaba, you're looking for a great supplier. You're looking for someone with the best hair weave: translation-- something that's NOT going to tangle up on you like a fist when you take it out of the box or turn on the shower in your bathroom.

There are hundreds of men and women that have seen the profitability of hair weaves and are in it to win it.

But hair suppliers are fickle. When the demand for their supply goes up, so do the prices. Who do you pass the prices onto? Your consumer, of course. If your product is great, many women won't mind shelling more dollars out for great hair weave...that is until the next woman has a great supply, but she's selling it for much cheaper than the other woman is.

She finds a YouTube Guru and then the cycle begins again. The demand is high and the quality of the product goes down. Soon you will find that same YouTube guru (who undoubtably was sent THE best hair in the batch) inundated by ladies whose hair bawled up like the hair was getting ready to fist fight at the sight of a brush. The Guru is now doing a video telling everyone that the company she endorsed three months ago is now garbage.

She has to or else her reputation will go down in flames. She had to make a strong statement or there will be those that will burn her at the stake for "making" them (sounds ridiculous) purchase from this now unreputable company.

I love a great weave. I purchased from Indique three years ago and still use my hair, installing it on the regular. My advice is while all these start up companies are nice, you may want to stick with the tried and true companies that have years and years of experience to back their game up.

Aren't some of you getting tired of being burned just to save a few extra bucks?


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