MIss Wigs.com Misso 306 is Coming!

Miss WIgs Misso Collection # 306              

Well after watching this particular YouTube guru gush about this particular wig, I just had to purchase it. I have gotten a lot of hair growth wearing my sew ins back to back, but with arthritic hands, I haven't been able to do this for myself. It's bad enough that I have to do my daughter's every six to eight weeks. 

So I decided that I should purchase a wig that I can pop on and off. Since I don't really go anywhere, there is no use of me sewing hair on my head to lie in bed most of the day while under heavy pain medication. 

When I DO go out, I want to be ready so I picked this beauty up for just $46.99. With shipping and tax, my price came out to $49 and some change.

The Guru had me convinced that I was making the right decision. The only thing is that the wig is pretty long and of course the wig is SYNTHETIC. With that in mind, the longer the wig is the more it will tangle. I don't expect to have too much of a problem since I don't wear wigs around my house for nothing. So I hope to get good wear out of her before I toss it and order a new one.

SO wish me luck ladies. I will do a comprehensive review when I get it and try her on.


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