Miss Wigs 14 GLUELESS Mongolian Remy Hair Review

What can I say about Misswigs.com? Only that they've knocked me off my feet three times already with their quality wigs and affordable prices.

For those of you that are hip to the lacefront game, you all should know that RPG Show is one of the best out there. You've got women out there sacrificing the rent and mortgage payments to get one of those wigs.

While I had the extra cash to purchase one, I figured....why would I? I wanted to give Misswigs a chance to knock it out of the ballpark.

I was so impressed with their Misso 306 that I had to try another one. Since they do have buy ONE get one HALF off, I decided to grab a human lacefront (my first) and another "synthie" just for the hell of it.

Boy am I glad that I did that.

I just happened to do some extensive research on MissWigs on YouTube and I came across a particular video that advertised Miss A, another synthie, and I was blown away by how it looked.

And the price? Can't be beat. I'm almost sad to say that their quality surpasses Ruth's Beauty Shop and I figured that she was at the top of her game. (Her wigs fit too small on my head and I was disappointed. I have to use bobby pins because my head is too big.....I've got a lot on my mind)

But MissWigs? May I dare say that you have a customer for life.

PROS: great price, great quality, a great wig for a great price. Fabulous FIT!!!!!!

CONS: The hair had some strange flyaways.....short hairs sticking up which were annoying to say the least.

This is an awesome wig for the price and I'm so glad that I purchased the wig. I will come back at 1 month and 3 month intervals to see how each wig has held up. I plan on wearing my "synthies" for everyday and then break out the Human wig for special occasions!

Love it!!!


  1. So glad you posted your reviews. I am one of those women contemplating giving up a month of rent, LOL. Like you I decided to find great quality synthetic wigs. They may not last as long as an RPGwig, but I can try multiple styles and lengths still for a fraction of the cost.


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