Miss Wigs Misso "Miss A" Synthetic Lacefront Review


That really doesn't describe how happy I am with this purchase! I eagerly waited for the mail lady to come today when she dropped off my wonderful wigs!! I am impressed with the great customer service and the quality of the wigs that I've purchased.

"Miss A" has it going on!~!! Are you serious??! It was a great value for what I paid. This will definitely be my everyday going out wig! I was able to flat iron her with the Babyliss and it performed better than expected. Again, much better than my Ruth's Beauty synthetic, which was too small for my head. That hair didn't curl and react to the flat iron the way Miss A performed!

I am very happy with this wig and I'm thinking that I may just wear this wig for the pageant in a few weeks! I'm very happy.

I've been looking for something to cover my head as it recovers from these relentless lupus flares that seem to be destroying my hair line with sores and what-not.

The wig fit squarely on my head but it was a bit snug. If you have a large head, then you may be disappointed with this one, although a few snips at the back would make this wig fit on your head. Of course with synthetics, the lace isn't soft at all but the hairline is perfect and the baby hairs are kept to a minimum...which is good. I hate trying to cover up bangs!

I'm having fun with this one guys. You can sleep on it if you want to. I'm restocking soon to make sure I always have this wig in my "arsenal".


  1. I almost got Miss A, but everyone says it is a snug fit. I got 103 instead, but you are rocking Miss A to the next level.


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