My New Lacefront Wigs Coming Soon--Miss Wigs Review

Miss Wigs Remy Full Lace Premium Quality 14inch  Human: Mongolian Remy
Miss A Synthetic Wig
My New Wig!

I just purchased both of these wigs a day ago and I can't wait to get my fingers on them. I have absolutely fallen in love with the synthetic wig that I purchased there a month ago so I just had to buy another wig. Actually since they have a buy One Get One 50% off sale, I had to indulge in another "synthie" for my collection.

Because of the whole lupus thing, applying a lacefront has become super easy and super fast. I can go from drab to FAB in a matter of minutes instead of sitting there, and painstakingly sewing tracks onto my head.


So I will update with pictures coming soon. Sorry. I have been very sick dealing with lupus and I just keep my hair braided, attempting to cowash every week or so. I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing with my hair and I hate myself for that. My hair is breaking and coming out , especially in the front, due to this disease.




  1. So glad you found a good deal on these very nice wigs. Its hard to care for yourself let alone your hair. Thanks for updating us. About to check out the received wig post.


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