Living With Chronic Illness Giveaway!

BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette!
I'm giving it away!

1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Follow me @supermodelsonya on Twitter
3. Like the video (It's not like I'll know you did, but do it anyway..k?) :D

Contest ends  MAY 31, 2013

Winner will be announced within three days of the posting time so stay tuned to see if YOU won!

Contest not open to subscribers outside of the US at this time. Thanks! Email me with questions or hit me up on Twitter! Thanks guys and good luck! It's actually a great palette. 

And you don't have to have a chronic illness or disability to win this! It's open to everyone!

I am revamping my channel to be more inclusive of people with other illnesses and disabilities. I am asking you to subscribe to my channel for more advice and tips on how to live and live WELL with a chronic illness.

It can be done.

I'm doing it. 


You know what to do...hit the subscribe button and let's begin....


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