Miss Wigs Synthetic Wigs: Are They Worth It?

I absolutely love the look of my Miss Wigs Synthetic Wigs. In my opinion, they are much better than their beauty supply counterparts with the moonshaped hair lines and what not.

But they do tend to tangle even when taken under the best care. The good thing about Miss Wigs synthetic wigs is that they are very reasonably priced and have great hairlines. They are also versatile in size for those of you with small to larger heads. Unlike the wigs you can buy in the beauty supply.

However, the length of time that you'll be able to wear them will vary greatly.
Miss Wigs Misso 306
This wig is now in my UNWEARABLE bin even though I had it for a short time and didn't wear it all the time. I cut it a few times to get rid of the inevitable tangles to get a little extra wear out of it. 

Now after I washed it and altered it, it looks ridiculous to me. I would recommend this wig if there is a special occasion that you have coming up and want something really glamourous but you may not have the funds for something priced more exorbitantly. 

However, I did love this wig while it lasted and I give it a shelf life of

2-3 months tops.

Misso 306
These are just a few more pictures of the fun I had with Misso 306 while she lasted. She really is a glamourous wig and I wouldn't mind picking this wig up again for a special occasion.
Misso 306

Now the "Miss A" wig lasted a bit better than the Misso 306! I am still rocking her, although I did have to trim her down a bit. She is still doing well and I absolutely loved rocking Miss A. I had her on the other day, but the lace in the front began to fray so look out for that!!! 

I got around that by just changing up where I placed the part. I also tilted the wig a bit so that part doesn't show in the front. After cutting her an inch or so and trimming those last few tracks in the back that are ALWAYS the first to tangle, she is still doing quite well! The texture looks beautiful and is not shiny.

Miss 'A'

 I do NOT add any products to my synthetic wigs because they simply don't need it! LOL. They are extremely durable and realistic looking. They fit snugly on the head as well so if you have a large head you may want to pay attention to that.
Miss 'A'
Miss A is one of my favorite wigs and I will DEFINITELY buy this wig again. It's a simple style that you can just pop on and go. Personally I love the snug fit because you know that the wig isn't going anywhere. The texture is just amazing! It resembles relaxed 4A-B hair and will take well to a flat iron.
Miss 'A'
The shelf life of this wig is 3-5 months or longer depending on the upkeep.

MissWigs.com is really stepping up the quality and customer service. They have reasonably priced wigs that are of high quality. I have never had ANY SERIOUS issues with the customer service or quality of the product. I will continue to purchase from there and I thank them for everything. 


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