Lace Wig Companies and Spamming is one of  two new recent companies who feel that it's okay to spam my blog than to purchase advertising or submit a product for my review.

Personally I find it REPREHENSIBLE to my sensibilities. I've approached each company and informed them that I know they were spamming my blog. Here is the evidence....

This is the picture evidence of which someone from their company left on my page. 
This second piece below shows that they knew about the spamming. 

This is extremely dishonest. They wouldn't appreciate it if someone was spamming them or tolerate dishonest behavior. I offered to do a review on their products the honest way but obviously they are not interested and will stoop to any levels of trying to obtain business by trying to obtain customers off of my blog. 

I let them know that this behavior won't be tolerated. I don't spam their website trying to steer traffic my way. I do a lot of companies favors by offering to do reviews and happily paying for my products. 

Such as I have never recieved ANY FREE wigs to do reviews and yet I happily do them because I'm happy with their service and prices. 

Final word? Don't spend your money here ladies and gentlemen. It's not worth the hassle. 


  1. Please pay attention to this post above me. THey are passing themselves off as Best Lace Wigs.


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