Sensationnel Genuine ALEXANDER Virgin Remy Hair Review available
This hair is advertised to be the best. It is cuticle hair and claims to have not been processed.

The hair is BEAUTIFUL when first installed. Although when you first purchase, you may be shocked at the price. Even though this hair is much more expensive than Virgin hair from other companies. This hair is super expensive actually and sorry...NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

The hair claims to not be processed but many consumers have stated that the hair tangled and matted within weeks of installing. Also reported is moderate shedding. But at these prices, one would expect the wefts to be reinforced.

As pictured in the diagram on the left, it talks about why this hair is the greatest remi on the marker, but notice it mentions nothing about the wefts.

You can have the best hair in the world but it is NOTHING with inferior wefts. The wefts of the hair is almost just as important as the hair itself, especially if you're looking to reinstall this hair over and over again. If the wefts are balding and shedding, you WON'T have much to work with after the first or second install, especially if you tend to be harsh on your tracks.

For three packs of a conservative 14 inch length, you're going to spend well over $400.00 for this hair. Many girls today are going for length so if you were to even go with eighteen inches, you're going to spend $530 and up. That's pretty pricey for hair that acts like mediocre Beauty Supply hair.

You are supposed to get what you pay for but not here. Look elsewhere.


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