Ruth's Beauty Shop Review Coming Soon

In the world of "lacefrontery" Ruth's Beauty Shop isn't mentioned that often. There are a few reviews on YouTUbe and numerous threads about the company on hair forums but not many are clamoring or at least speaking openly about grabbing one of these wigs. is quite inexpensive and is used frequently due to YOUTUBE gurus gushing about their wigs but questioning their quality. RPGShow is the best in the game right now and girls are delaying their rent and car payments to procure one of these wigs.

If one were to go to the YouTube to view reviews for Ruth's Beauty Shop, you don't come up with many videos. The company has been rumored to be plagued with bad customer service, poor quality wigs, and just plain rude behavior by some of the employees.

Luckily, when I purchased by synthetic wig last year, I didn't experience any of that. On a side note, I have noticed that they don't sell synthetics anymore. My wig, although well made, did not curl easily at all and didn't fit. The cap was notoriously too small to fit on my head so I had to bobby pin it on the side so that it would fit better. But if the wind blew.....I was in danger of showing the side of my head. So I started purchasing from Miss Wigs. com for "synthies".

I will say that my Ruth's wig has withheld the test of time, although it is just difficult to hold a curl, whereas my Miss wigs synthetic wigs were very easy to curl and flat-iron with very little effort.

So today, I have purchased my first human hair wig from Ruth's and I'm very excited. The wig got good reviews on the site and I hope to add a pleasant review along with a reliable YouTube video. There are a few videos on the site that show great wigs, but two on there gave Ruth's a horrible review. To be fair, those two videos showcased two individuals that had no clue what they were doing, including one young lady who tried to bleach the knots on a 1B wig. There is a technique but it is notoriously difficult for a beginner.

This young lady also bought a 16 inch curly wig but was upset that the wig was barely shoulder length. Had she any clue that when you purchase curly hair, you have to pull the hair or flat-iron a piece to see it's true length. Meaning that curly hair is true-to-length. So if you buy 16 inch curly hair, it's going to be 16 inches when you pull it straight; it will basically hang around your shoulders instead of hanging around your shoulder blades.

This led me to believe that the woman in the video didn't have a clue about weaves or wigs or was just a beginner. The other video was just one where a young lady, that didn't show her face, took the wig out of the bag and threw it on the bed. It was a kinky unit but she never put it on and never really explained her displeasure past the way it was packaged.

There are online hair forums that discuss Ruth's Beauty Shop in detail as well, some good and bad. It's hard to just throw caution the wind and purchase something that you're not sure you're going to get a great quality. Especially if you don't have money like that to just throw around. I know I don't. So far, the weave Goddess has looked upon me favorably where I can honestly say that I received wigs that were really nice. Ruth's also has great realistic hairlines that are always raved about. I was a huge fan but I knew that I was in the market for a full lace wig and Miss Wigs was my first choice.

So we shall see today. Stay tuned for an update.


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