Ruth's Beauty Shop Review--Demi Lace Meredith Body Wave

18 inch
Body Wave
Lacefront--Demi Lace

The beautiful luscious curls! A great birthday present for me!

Another look!

From the back! 18 inches of lovely!

I asked for supertape. I got a wig cap and brush! I'm sure they will make amends!

What can I say? What a beautiful wig!

3 inches of parting space!

What can I say about Ruth's Beauty Demi Lace Meredith Body Wave Indian Remy? Its a beautiful wig!

Right after I did an edit to an old Ruth's post, my doorbell rang. I raced to the door in my wheelchair to greet the FedEx man, who handed my wig. I ripped the package open and was awash in a beautiful wig placed in a blue bag. It came with a brush and a wig cap but no Supertape that I ordered. 
When I put the wig on, I realized that I really didn't need tape or any adhesives. With the great fit, snug cap, and adjustable straps, the wig fit beautifully on my head with no other help, which is great for those of you that are sensitive to glues and tapes, or sweat too much like myself, due to thyroid issues. 

I love this wig and am on the website looking for my ver next purchase. I want two more...a kinky curly and a straight wig to make my collection complete.

No shedding! There was literally no hair in the brush that I received! I'm very happy with my wig, which was a birthday present from darling hubby! Tell me what do you think?


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