Sally Hansen Gel Polish Manicure Gel Kit Review

I just had to have this yesterday. After looking at some reviews on YouTube, I rushed out of the house with my fiance's credit card, drove to the nearest Ulta store and purchased this for myself. After some deciding, I chose the Wine Not because I heard that the Pink one didn't really show up that well. 

So I rushed home after making my purchase and hurried to polish my nails. The process was very easy and simple. I do worry about how to replace some of these elements when I run out of Gel coating and the base coat needed. I am excited to try new colors that the company has. Such as TroubleMaker and Pink Pong!

I highly recommend this if you're having problems looking for the perfect polish that doesn't chip when you are out life and all that good stuff. Plus the colors are really nice. Individually, each color runs from $7.79-11.99. That's no different than most upscale brand nail polish. 

If you run out of the Step One and Step Three, which are the base coat and gel coat respectively, then you can purchase the refill kit for $14.99-$19.99 depending on where you shop. Stay tuned to for coupons and sales when you can. 

I give this product ***** out of ***** stars. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about trying this.


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