How To Make Your Own Natural Hair Care Products

Many women dream of making their own hair care products and selling their lines in major stores all over the world. Or perhaps you're not looking for fame and just want to find a tried and true formula for your locks. You want something specifically for YOUR hair and want great results each time.  I mean if you are the one making the product then you know exactly what is going in it and you now what NOT to put in it.

So how can you make your own products?

Well it helps if you know a few basics. First what you are looking for in a product and some basic chemistry helps too.

Lets start off with what you want your hair product to do. Moisturize? Strengthen? Protect? Detangle? Looking for slip? Great shine?

Baking soda: A great clarifying product. Gets rid of buildup.

Honey: Shine and a natural humectant.

Eggs: Protein...Strength

Maple syrup--moisturize

Glycerin-sealing and moisture

Sweet Potato--shine and moisture

Olive Oil- Shine and sealing moisture

Grapeseed Oil- protects against moisture loss, healthy shine.

Beer: Body

Apple Cider Vinegar- a great clarifying product.

Avocado--reduces frizz and helps repair damaged hair

Banana--can vitalize dull hair, add loads of moisture, especially for those that have heat damage.

Mayonaise-- revives dull hair, has loads of nutrients for extreme moisture.

Castor Oil--helps with thinning hair, a great sealing oil, some says it is great for moisture.

Cayenne Pepper--Stimulates hair growth

Rice Milk--soft hair and great hold. A must if you're staying away from protein.

This is not an all comprehensive list. There are hundreds of products that can be used! That's what makes it so much fun!

Now what type of product are you making? Rice Milk Spray? Mango Hair Mask? Kiwi Shampoo? Coconut Oil?

You can find "base" products to work with such as basic shampoo and then add your own wonderful mix to it for your own special blend. I do recommend purchasing the above pH strips for your products to determine if what you're going to put on your head is to acidic or alkaline. Too much either way can truly damage your hair or even worse. You want to know how your new creation affects your hair.

Alkalai opens the hair cuticle while Acid flattens it a bit. Lots of conditioners have a mild pH so that's why people say their hair is "smoother" after using it. Most hair colors are alkaline. Someone with a lot of damage to their hair shouldn't use products with too much acid because it will tend to dry the hair out more.

Being the science freak that I am, many people miss this very important step and wonder why their hair isn't thriving as it should be.

Don't be afraid to get in your kitchen and get down and dirty. You may just discover the holy grail of hair products!! If and when you do, I'll be in line to purchase the next new thing. Good luck and share those recipes!


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