When Should You Trim Your Hair?

There are many that may disagree with what I'm going to write here, but this needs to be said. The only times that you should be cutting your hair is for split ends, hair damage, or if you just want to even it out.

Here is the thing. If you cut your hair so that it can be even, you're going to be cutting it all the time. Hair doesn't grow evenly, EVER. If it did, we would only cut our hair once. If your hair isn't damaged, then why are you cutting the ends.

For years I've always heard that you should trim your ends every six weeks. All you are doing is cutting your progress off. And you wonder why your hair isn't growing? Tell your stylist to put down the shears!

For split ends, I recommend going in and targeting those offenders one by one rather than cutting your hair all over. Go on a Search-and-Destroy mission and get rid of them that way. It sounds pretty tedious but cutting your hair isn't such a great idea. Especially if your main objective is growth. I do NOT cut my ends and just get rid of "offenders" one by one.

Put the scissors down and just enjoy your hair growth.


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