RPG Show Wigs--The Holy Grail of Lace Wigs

I love Christmas Time. Even though it's not exactly December 25th, it's that time of year that it's okay to ask your loved ones for really expensive gifts that aren't otherwise justified any other time of the wig. That's when I went to RPG Show and pointed to this beauty. He ordered it with a smile and I patiently waited for my wig to take a perilous and arduous journey from Nanjing, China. My wig traveled more miles than I probably ever will but that's neither here or there. 

My wig came in a black box with silver embossed letters. It was very impressive. Inside was my wig.
16 inch 1B
Glueless Cap

I was struck by how short the wig was and hope that the curls will drop very soon. The wig had a strange smell...almost like it was washed and didn't dry fully but that's okay. It wasn't too horrible nor am I that picky. 

The parts that this company is known for. 

I love it

The back (along with my teddy-frog Beatrice)

Fans are awesome.

I love this wig, although I do wish that I would have gotten it much longer. The curls are beautiful but I would like them to fall to gain length. I don't think the wig looks anything like the wig in the picture because that's the look I was going for. But that's neither here nor there. The cap construction and superior quality of this wig is just really worth the money. Do you need RPG to have a great lace front? No. My Ruth's wig is still holding up beautifully and so are my Miss Wigs purchases.

If you don't mind the cost then go for RPG Show because you won't be disappointed. However, there are other companies that you could appreciate as well. 


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