What Does Remy Hair Mean and Other Rants.....

My daughter came in the house with a scowl on her face.

"What's up babe?" I asked. 

"My friend was walking down the hall and Pie Face( This really mean girl known for being a bully) told my friend that she was wearing Remy hair and that my friend had cheap hair. My friend was really upset by that."

I had to stop myself from falling on the floor. 

"Remy hair doesn't mean what she thinks it does."

I guess Pie Face thought that her hair was the best because her fool self read on the package that it was remy without knowing what that title really means.

It does not mean the best hair in the world, nor is it a brand. Those are common misconceptions. Remy hair just means that the hair lays in the same direction, from root to tip, after it is cut from the donor's head.  That's all. It refers to how the hair is handled and stored. Now what happens after the hair is cut? Once the hair is processed and/or colored, it may lose the cuticle and is no longer virgin hair. Since the cuticle is removed for styling purposes (curl and color) it will tangle and mat quicker. That's that beauty supply crap that you buy when you're going to your cousin's wedding and just want something to last for a few days. If you want something to last longer, you'll purchase more expensive hair.

Cuticle Intact--The cuticle is the first line of defense for our hair. If it is kept intact, the hair looks shiny, healthy, and has not been damaged. This helps keep tangling down to a minimum. Cuticle aligned hair is the next best to buying virgin, although it is more expensive than regular hair but will keep much longer.

Virgin Hair--Is self explanatory. Meaning that the hair was just freshly cut from the donor and not altered in any way. This is what you want! Especially if you want your extensions to last for long periods of time. The minute you alter the extensions like use chemicals to curl them or even color them, they are no longer virgin. IF someone offers you "colored virgin hair", it's a bit of an oxymoron because there is no such thing.

So Pie Face was just being disingenuous when she said what she said to my daughter's friend. Most people are totally ignorant about hair and it's evident the minute they open their mouths. Don't let this happen to you. Learn what type of hair you're putting in your head and next time you hear someone spout stupidity about hair extensions, don't be afraid to correct them.


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