Buying RPG Wigs Worth The Money?

RPG show is the Holy Grail in Lacefront wearing. For any woman familiar with this company and YouTube, many women have sat for hours salivating over one of these wigs.

While there are hundreds of YouTUbe gurus wearing these wigs and causing other women to delay their rent payments to afford one, I ask the question are they worth it?

I shall have a wig of my own from RPG show and am very excited to receive it. Many people like the realistic hair lines and the natural part that their wigs often have. The hairline and part in the wig will quickly distinguish mediocrity from the exceptional. 

RPG Show stands alone in both quality and beauty. But do you want to spend $400 to look good? If you value your money you do but it is not always necessary to spend what some pay for a car note on a wig. 

My sister wears full sew ins all the time. I tell her that her money would be better spent on a really good wig since she suffers from extreme hair loss due to an incident in an African braiding shop. 
She refuses however, and spends her money on sew-ins and inexpensive weave from the local beauty shop.

I have purchased from Ruth's Beauty and Miss Wigs and have been happy with their product. I

Miss Wigs and Ruth's both have quality wigs and no, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. 

I began practicing sew ins for my daughter using Futura synthetic weave to get my skills together. I am always amazed when she walks out of her bathroom after doing her hair for school. She always looks so good. It's obvious that she made $20 look like a million dollars. 

I truly believe that it's all in the technique and skill set of the person versus the money that one can spend. It's the same thing as going to the store and buying an outfit from an inexpensive franchise versus going to Bloomingdales. If the person knows what they are doing, they can make a seven dollar dress look like a million dollars. Hair isn't that different either. 

Next time you're thinking that you can survive this winter without paying your heat bill, but you're on your computer tracking your purchase from RPG show, just know that sometimes it's not all that serious. 


  1. Great post. So true. I am one of those women on the fence about RPGShow wigs. I want one so bad but as a single mom with two kids and lots of other bills I just can't see myself paying that much for a wig. Yes they are nice, but perhaps I will save up for one.


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