Beauty Buy of The Week: Juice Beauty Products

Juice Beauty Products Visit Here For More Information

I was at Whole Foods and started to look for a product that would help improve my skin. I didn't care before...having lupus and all. But I decided that I would try something different to make it better. I'm tired of covering my face up with makeup to hide the discoid lesions.

My daughter has acne prone skin too and being a teen, that isn't surprising. So I found this line of  products that are sold there and sold at

I have so far tried the Green Apple Peel (Sensitive), Hyrdrating Mist, (i love that one) and the Stem Cell Moisturizer! I have fallen in love with their products. I did a test first to make sure I wasn't allergic. All the products are organic for those organicphiles out there. My face looked beautiful and my very enlarged pores disappeared. WOW...amazing! I am on their website now looking for more products that I can try. They have a sample for those of you that want to try but aren't ready to make a commitment for just $29 and the sample sizes aren't anything to sneeze at! They are large.


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