Miss Wigs Virgin Lacefront Review

I purchased a 16 inch Virgin hair lacefront wig that was on sale for 219.00. As of this date, the wig is no longer on the site after I purchased it so one has to discern that there was only one for sale. Sorry I swooped it up ladies and gents. Because honestly, after I got this one, I looked on the website to see if I could purchase a second wig. Alas, I couldn't.
 What can I say about Miss Wigs? Well there are a lot of pros and a few cons dealing with this company. First, the pros. The wig is perfectly constructed, the lace isn't too rough and blends perfectly. The wig shed just a few hairs, but nothing to get excited about. I could tell that it was definitely virgin hair upon inspection and was of good quality.

This happens to be one of my daughter's favorite wigs and I love it as well! It is a staple wig of mine and I wear it frequently. My daughter wants one as well as her first wig and I promise, the moment this wig shows on the site, it's mine!!! Shipping was fast as always and the wig is holding up nicely. I have washed it twice, and no excessive shedding or tangling at all with this wig, which is wonderful. I use Organix products on all my lacefront wigs (No oil please).

This is a ***** 5 star wig!


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