Ruth's Beauty Violette Wig Review

 Well I was in love with this wig at first view! When I pulled her out the package, I couldn't wait to cut her and glue her on...which is what I did! Oh I was so happy with the wig construction and the hair! It was beautiful. I almost ordered a second wig but had already ordered from and the wig that I purchased became my favorite. But this wig was the first runner up! I was very impressed with this wig!

Specs--Medium 18 inch 1B
Violette Light Indian Remy
Here I am promoting Lupus awareness,
throwing up the L sign since this is the month of May! May is Lupus awareness month!!!!!!

But anyway.....the wig sometimes has some light tangling but again, nothing so much where I hate it. I seriously prefer Virgin wigs but hey, this one is a good one. Not for everyday wear though. I break this one out when I'm going out for dinner or when I do pageants. 

Final review? **** 4 star Wig! I do recommend. At the time of this post, Ruth's is having a 15% sale!


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