Two Great Products To Keep Natural Hair From Reverting: How To Seek A Sleek Flat Iron

So I was desperate. I wore my hair straight a week ago with okay results after flat ironing with some Palmers Oil Spray that I found in my daughter's bathroom. My CHI iron got my hair straight but not for long. It was a frizz ball in a few days which isn't bad for a good CHI press.
Looks like a relaxer
 However, I wanted something that would last longer and would give me sleeker results without a weighed down feeling and something that would last longer. Normally, when I press my hair with a flat iron, my hair reverts minutes after I go on to another section! That used to drive me crazy. I'd sit there wondering should I go over it with another pass or just move on with my life and realize that my hair is never going to be bone straight without a relaxer. I hated going down the same aisle as relaxers because I couldn't stop looking at those boxes....UGHHHHHH!
Another look...

So I got my wheelchair loaded in the car and drove to Ulta, hoping I could find something to stop the reversion. Now I did purchase Sabino Moisture Block online but it will be here in a few days and I couldn't wait that long. I wanted something NOW. So rolling down the aisles of Ulta, I found the Mizani products. I have always been a huge fan since I was 14 years old, working in the hair salon. I loved the smell of the sheen spray but didn't love the professional prices. Besides, in some places you had to show your license to purchase it. (Not at JCPenney)
My banded ponytail. 
I digress.

I read good things about Biosilk and chose the thermal spray. 


1. Section my hair into C's starting with the left side of my head. I used about the size of a dime of MIZANI IRON CURL and rubbed it into my head very well. Then I used BIOSILK and let it dry. CAUTION: YOU DON'T WANT TO SPRAY IT TOO MUCH OR ELSE THE IRON WILL CAUSE YOUR HAIR TO BURN. 

2. With small sections and a comb chasing in front of the flat iron. This is the BEST way for me and ensures one or two passes with the iron. It helps straighten out the ends and helps keep them looking nice and not ROUGH.
3. Then continue to section your hair in C's but not too large. It may take longer but you want to make sure that you straighten every inch of your hair perfectly and use the least amount of passes as possible. You can get pin straight hair when you use smaller sections, a great flat iron, and great products.
Biosilk Thermal Heat Styling Spray
4. Make sure that you have enough product but you don't want to overdo it. Too much product will weigh your hair down and make it too oily. Not enough will not get you the results that you were looking for. I see it all the time on a lot of hair forums. Someone will use a product and say, "it made my hair too crunchy" when they used way too  much or didn't clarify their hair before. Sometimes we put TOO MANY products in our hair and hope that something works. You should ALWAYS START WITH CLEAN HAIR that is thoroughly conditioned before you seek a sleek flat iron.
Mizani Iron Curl
A little goes a long way. The Biosilk will make your hair a bit on the wet side, so you don't want to use too much or at least let it dry.  The MIZANI IRON CURL didn't make my hair feel greasy of weighed down, which was amazing. There is no MINERAL OIL so my hair was very light weight and sooooo SILKY.....!  I remember calling my daughter in the room and telling her about my find. I read some reviews online and there were a few people that weren't crazy about this product but all the more for me. This stuff really works...what can I say? I have 4A/4B hair and it straightened my hair out like I had a relaxer.

These are just two products that helped me get sleek flat iron results. What are some of your favorites?I will report back and let you know about the reversion process. 


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