Sew Ins Grow Your Hair!

We've all heard a salon or kitchen salon horror story or two. Where a young lady attached a sew in to her hair and all of it fell out or broke off. There are different variations to this story but they all end up the same way: the victim is now bald because of sew ins. So now she swears the off weave forever and she makes sure to tell this cautionary tell to anyone and everyone she knows that's even dreaming of getting a weave.

So what's wrong with a cautionary tale? Too many women go head first into things without giving it the proper thought.

But here is the thing. The other details of the dreaded sew in are kept from us.

1. Did she have a perm? If so, how long did she have a touch up application done before she put the sew in in her hair?

This is important because a relaxer is a very harsh procedure. A sew in on top of a fresh relaxer may be too much for someone's already stressed hair. It could lead to hair falling out in epic proportions.

2. What was the condition of the client's hair before she got the sew in?

If her hair was already in a bad state, putting a sew in on top of that will not make it any better. In fact, it will weaken the hair even more. That could cause serious breakage.

3. Did the client have color in her natural hair before applying a sew in?

Color, especially bleach is a chemical process like a perm. It will also cause already weak hair to be further weakened or even permanently damaged. Now not saying that this goes for everyone! Everyone is very different. There are those whose hair strands can withstand tons of abuse and processes and be totally fine. Others can't look at a box of color or perm without their hair running scared for the back of their skulls. Most people are somewhere in between. It is important to know what your hair will stand up to before putting your hair through any chemical or weaving process.

4. Is the client allergic to the ingredients being used?

People don't really think about this question. But it is important. Before you spend your hard earned money you should make sure that you're not allergic to any of the processes or chemicals. Or your hair will be falling out in clumps.

These are the things that are never talked about when these anecdotal stories are told. Since we don't know the state of the hair before the process, then it is hard to say what was the true cause. The whole story isn't told. Thus it leaves the listener to believe that getting a weave will be detrimental to their process and they turn to other methods.

But due to my personal experience and seeing the differences of others who have shared their hair journey, getting a sew in was the best thing that has ever happened to me in terms of hair growth.
Because shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, and then leaving your hair the heck alone is the best remedy for long hair. Constant styling and manipulation spells trouble for fine and curly strands.

IF and ONLY IF your hair is in good condition, then should you attempt to think about applying a sew in to help you get to your goal growth. For those of you that say, "I never got a sew in and my hair grew!" To you I say, "Fantastic!" A sew in isn't the only way to achieve hair's just one of many ways.

I have had great success with this method and I hope you do as well.


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