When You've Realized You're Wrong....

No one knows your hair better than you do.


While that's true, you still notice that your hair is not growing. It may have actually gotten worse. Your hair is not gaining any length but your pocket book is looking scarce because of the money you've spent on hair products in the past month.

It took me a long time to realize that what I had been doing for many years was not right. I began to believe that there was no way my hair was going to grow. I was left to believe that women that had mixed hair or women of different races had hair that grew and I didn't. I was left to believe that as long as there was hair weave, then I could be beautiful. I came across a website that showed me that women that looked just like me could grow their hair down their backs.

That was a big change for me because although I could see that women with the same hair type that I had could grow hair had hair growing down their back but that didn't mean that my hair could grow long.

Even though I saw with my own eyes that these young women were growing their hair using very simple techniques, I still didn't think that it could be me.

Perhaps it was me being lazy or I had to have what's called a belief system crash. The only way for your beliefs to crash is to experience something that your belief system told you would never happen. That could apply to other things in your life as well. Once I started slow but I started seeing changes. So I applied more changes and then I experienced longer hair. My belief system about my hair was shattered within months.

Now with my proud ponytail past my shoulders, I can say that I am so proud of my hair. I was able to pass these principles down to my daughter whose hair went from neck length to  past her arm pits. All my life I envied other girls whose hair grew long and they could style their hair anyway they liked.

Now in my thirties, I know that it is possible for my hair to grow, even despite the lupus diagnosis. My only regret now is that I wish I figured this out a good seventeen years ago. My life would have been a lot happier.......


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