www.rosewholesale.com or www.sammydress.com Should You Buy? A Review....sort of...



If you're on Facebook and you're also a woman, chances are you've seen ads for Rosewholesale.com and Sammydress.com. I have and yes, there are some cute items there. But....I refuse to post the links to the site so that you won't be tempted to purchase.

Something was off when I saw those cute items. THEY WERE AMAZINGLY CHEAP! Why would a coat cost seven dollars? Why would a coat made of pure wool cost $18.00? Something just wasn't right about it. But apparently many people have fallen for these sorry excuses of companies because the amount of Ripoff reports on these companies are astounding.

The complaints? Read some for yourself right here...

Nina's Bargain Beauty Reviews

One young woman complained that her items smelled like gasoline and she needed gloves to even pick them up....Don't light a match! Read here!

Of the women that say that they have gotten their items, they were not as described, however I must say, according to the sammydress.com website some were happy with a few of their items. (See website) But I must add that many did say something about the inferiority of the pieces when they were received. These women seemed relieved that they got something unlike the poor souls who are still refreshing their computer screens waiting on their orders to read SHIPPED.

You probably have guessed that this (these) companies are based out of China. So you're going to pay an arm and a leg in shipping. Keep that in mind if you need to return.... If you've been to both websites, you would surmise that they sell pretty much the same merchandise. You'll find the same for rosegal.com. This is not a mistake. This is the same company. After doing some digging, the companies come under the YIGOU INTERNATIONAL GROUP but neither seems to have working telephone numbers, email addresses, or contact information that is up-to-date. But you're not surprised by this right?

Still debating? Ah, there is this coat there that you can't find anywhere else and you want to take your chances? But there are so many reports of people that HAVE received their items AND they were highly faulty. When those souls decided that they would return their items, sure they were to get their money back because they paid with PAYPAL. Well they were in for another surprise as well.

You're Fine Cause You're Using Paypal? Think Again!

Here she was able to contact Paypal and they froze the funds in the account. But the company only offered her a small credit to use in the store while charging restocking fees and reverse shipping fees. The nerve!

Want more proof? By the minute...the literal minute, complaints are rolling in on their Facebook pages. But what's even more incredible, is that as these people are crying about their money that they've lost, more lost women are constantly saying how much they love the prices and how cute their clothes are. If you want rags, then by all means go to the car wash. I'm sure the quality there will be better than some of these rip off websites.

You have to ask yourself what's wrong with a nice looking dress that sells for just seven dollars? Have you EVER seen a wool coat for eighteen dollars? Yes the prices are unbelievable and so are the rags that you're going to get in exchange for your hard earned money. You'd be better off buying paper towels and sewing a dress together out of that. At least if you spill something at that wedding you can at least clean yourself up and look good. Don't worry, it'll be better than the slop these places will send you.
Rosegal.com Facebook Page 
 Don't be taken in by low prices. Use your heads. There is a reason these clothes are so cheap. Its because they are cheap! You truly get what you pay for and sometimes it is worth it to spend a little more for something that you're going to wear. Especially for those special events ladies. I've read too many horror stories of women getting ripped off for weddings, birthdays, and holiday gatherings. For those special days, go to the MALL!  You're better off trying the items on.

Besides....here in America we have something most people in China don't have...AFFLUENCE. That allows us a different culture and diet as well. A CHINESE LARGE is going to be very different from AN AMERICAN MEDIUM. So a lot of you are getting clothes that you can't even fit ANWYAY! Not at all being rude, but it's true. Chinese sizes and American sizes are different and is one of their TOP complaints! What good is that? You've waited 554 days to wear something that you bought after you graduated high school!

You aren't even dating the same guy anymore...you know the one that told you were going to look sexy in that dress? Yeah...that guy is now dating the girl across the street so why are you still waiting for that dress to come in the mail? Your mail lady is sick of that sad puppy dog look on your face after you've asked for the umpteenth time that your package from China has not arrived yet and no she can't do you any special favors. Besides, the girls in apartment 3B, 2D, and 4S ordered from there and they have the same sad faces as you do.

Comments on the sammydress.com Facebook page! Yes this is real and pulled right off the page.
 Even after some ladies were blatant about the rampant fraud that this site perpetuates on people, there were women there just dying to get their hands on those wonderful scrap....I mean fabrics. If you can call what we use for book covers in this country FABRICS. I know that there are plenty of reputable vendors in China. There has to be. Nearly everything we own is made there so this post is not bashing China in any way. But these vendors are NOT reputable and they've proved it time and  time again. This would be downright hilarious if it weren't SAD.

More nonsense from the SammyDress.com Facebook page.

Look at me getting in on the action...SupermodelSonyaWithLupus....LOL This is sammydress.com. They say the same stuff over and over again. "What is your order number?" Ridiculous. You're better off literally buying rags from the car wash because if your stuff actually comes, the rags would be better to wipe your car down. Or better yet, go buy paper towels and sew it together and make a dress. At least the paper towel dress will get some use if you spill something at a party!!! 
More from sammydress.com. Are you convinced yet? Or do you enjoy ripping your greenbacks to shreds? Cause I don't. 
So you have the information. What are you going to do? What? See if they have that sweater in a MEDIUM? NOOOOO! You are to share this post immediately with a friend to make sure they don't get taken in. We girls have to stick together. Money is too hard to come by.


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