How I Grew My Hair to APL--My Steps Towards Great Hair Growth


These are now my top hair tips. Feel free to follow this or create your own. I'm a big fan of creating your own because your hair needs may be different from mine. It's the only way to know what your hair likes and what it doesn't. Hair is pretty fickle to be lifeless, don't you think?

1. You don't need expensive hair products.

You'll be surprised what a 2.99 bottle of S-Curl can do as opposed to other hair care products that can break the bank. You want to stay away from products with mineral oil but you can do a lot with a little. Suave has a nice clarifying shampoo for under a dollar and fifty cents. I would purchase these...

What Sonya Uses.....

  • Clarifying shampoo used every six weeks.
  • Hydrating shampoo
  • Protein conditioner
  • Moisture conditioner
  • A great sealing oil (Moroccan, argan, Grapeseed, etc.)
  • S-Curl or Hawaiian 14 in 1 (great for everyday use)
  • Heat protectant (Mizani Iron Curl)
  • Good flat iron and blow dryer
  • Comb, Denman brush

That's it. You're going to see those YouTube Guru's purchasing expensive products that they swear on. However, it doesn't take a lot to do your hair. Some people have extensive hair regimens that your head will start to spin. However I don't do a lot to my hair period. I have also stopped spending so much money on those.

2. Growth Aids are not needed.

I had the best results with Monistat but you don't have to do that. Others have used Megatek and some have used Sulphur. It's not cheating. It's just what some people do. Its what I've done. It's no big deal if you go down that route. But if you don't want to use them, then you don't have to.
Washing, moisturizing your hair, and realizing what your hair needs is the trick to hair growth. Is it breaking? It may need moisture or protein. If you have a perm, you may need more protein than you do moisture. If you are a natural, then err on the side of moisture!


I can't stress this enough. Leave it alone. The best way for me was under a wig or weave where I couldn't touch it, play with it, or do a length check every fifteen minutes. I wear a wig for three months straight, while washing and conditioning the braids underneath. Then after that time period, I take the braids down and wear my hair for approximately a week and a half. After that, my hair goes back in braids and I wear my wigs. Sometimes I wear them for LONGER than three months. I've gone six without even taking my hair down. Let me tell you it works. I get to have great looking hair due to my wigs AND be surprised when I see all of my  hair growth! I look forward to that part all of the time!!!! Who wouldn't?

Wigs and Weaves are the best!!!! Because all of your hair is put up and you won't be pressed to put your hands in your hair all of the time. I have a bad habit of that, and it will cause your hair growth to be stunted tremendously when you do.

4. Use a Simple Regimen and Stick To It!

Need vitamins? Shampoo? Conditioner? Then by all means, get what you need but stick to it. A simple regimen is easy to follow, especially on lazy or busy days when the last thing you want to do is look at it. Your hair is going to grow regardless of what you do to it. You can use $100 shampoo or something from the dollar store. Your hair will still grow. However, its retaining hair growth that is the problem. Know your problem and then stick to your regimen. If it's not working, then tweak it a little bit to get the results you want. It's going to be trial and error so continue working until you get it right.

Now what do I do?


Wash, condition my hair and airdry!
Braid my hair straight to the back
Apply lacefront wig and wear for the next 3-4 months

On Wash Day

I leave my braids in.
I use a pre poo of oil, honey, cholesterol conditioner, egg, Argan hair oil, Tea Tree Oil, Silicon Mix
and let sit for 45 minutes.

Wash my hair in the shower and then apply Mizani conditioner.
Let air dry.

Apply wig and go about my day.


Every six weeks I use a clarifying shampoo instead of regular shampoo but I skip the prepoo. Take the wig off and do my regular regimen. If I need vitamins, then I pop a multivitamin and go about my way. IF you get a regular diet, then whatever your body doesn't use, it will rid itself in your waste. If you don't get your nutrients, then a multivitamin could help you get better hair growth and is good for your body.


I do a conditioner wash (wash my hair with conditioner) weekly. I am disabled so I can't always shower by myself. I have aides that help me with this. But a bottle of conditioner is always in the bathroom.


Prepare my prepoo and repeat the process. Sit with it for 45 minutes and then wash my hair, condition, and air dry. Apply the wig and I'm done.


Take braids down, Apply prepoo and let sit for 45 minutes. Then wash really well, condition, and begin to braid hair in sections. Braid DOWNWARDS! Let your hair airdry in these jumbo braids. You don't want to have to blowdry too much to get your hair straight. Please apply a great heat protectant. I like Mizani Iron Curl and another protectant to be on the safe side. If you're going to spend good money, then this is the product that you want to spend it on. HEAT PROTECTANT. It'll be worth the money.

Take your blowdryer and begin to dry in sections, taking great care. Then I apply another coat of heat protectant but not too much. It will make your hair a little gummy and heavy for those that want hair that flows and moves.

Then use your flat iron. I personally use a CHI but I know someone that paid ten dollars for a flat iron and it gets the hair silky smooth. Unfortunately I don't have the name of it but I'll find out shortly. Style and curl hair however you like using ONE PASS...THE MOST TWO on the hair! Flat irons work best on clean and conditioned hair!!!


I braid my hair again and then wash with prepoo. Condition and let braids airdry. Then put your wig on again and look forward to more and more hair growth.

This method works wonders for me and my daughter whose hair is at her brastrap or Beyond the Shoulder Blade, which is what I want to be for the summer. I'm only about two and a half inches away which will take me about five months to achieve. I'm giving myself until August to allow for any setbacks. I won't be at my goal for my wedding but I'll be pretty close. If you have any suggestions for wedding hairstyles, I'm looking!!!



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