Buying Bare and Natural Hair? Here is the Scoop...

You've probably seen this at the store if you've visited a beauty supply store in the past few months, although its been selling for a lot longer than that. When I first purchased this hair, I was quite skeptical. I did see that the hair was "virgin" but there was something off about the hair.

Then after close inspection, I realized that the hair is indeed virgin hair but it's not cuticle aligned. Which is important if you want hair that is not going to tangle. Hair that is not aligned well will tangle like the rest of the hair. Virgin hair is only important when you want to perhaps color the hair and don't want double processed weave. That's all.

Don't let anyone tell you that your hair is not up to par because they are wearing Virgin wefts. While they hair MAY be of better quality, that is not always the case. This hair will act no better than regular  beauty supply hair because this hair is hair left over from other bundles. Shed hair that is left over on the floor from when they cut from regular donors. Basically, this is the hair that won't make the cut. But nothing is wasted. This hair is still wefted, regardless of quality and is put on a track. Sometimes the hair is LIGHTLY PROCESSED but still processed enough to give it more of a wave. That's why they stick the REMY label on the hair to fool you when it's not the top of the line hair that one can purchase.

True virgin hair is cut from a donor. The hair is inspected to make sure that it is of good quality (no split ends, etc. however if the donor has lice, it will be killed during the process so sometimes you will get nits in true Virgin hair)

If you get hair with nits, that doesn't mean that the hair is infested. But be sure that you're dealing with TRUE VIRGIN hair because lice lives in human hair. (PLEASE WASH ALL VIRGIN HAIR BEFORE PUTTING IT IN YOUR HEAD)

But this stuff is not the best you can buy. If it is a reasonable price, then purchase it by all means but if they want more than a hundred dollars a pack for this stuff, save your money and purchase a better brand. TRUST me. This hair will tangle. If you're spending a lot of money on this brand and it tangles just like the regular stuff, why again are you buying this? Just to say you have Virgin hair? That means nothing.

Especially if you are not going to take care of it. Virgin hair is great for those that take care of their tresses, want to color the hair, and/or looking for hair that will last much longer! That's it and that's all. Unless it's your wedding, if you're not a regular weave wearer, I recommend much cheaper Remy brands that can be purchased at your local BSS. But for the true weave connoisseur, Virgin hair is the way to go but don't fall for everything that's....VIRGIN.


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