Silk Top Wigs?

Why Silk Top Wigs?

If you're going for one of the most realistic wigs that money can buy, then you want to go with a silk top. They normally are an option for FULL LACE WIGS and not so much a lacefront, which is a wig that you can secure in the front of the hair instead of all over. 

The difference is that the knots are hidden under the silk top cap or sometimes the knots are bleached, giving them an "invisible" look. As you can see in the picture that has HIDDEN KNOTS as an overlay, the person can braid the hair and it loos as if the hair is coming directly out of the scalp.

Adding a silk top option or purchasing a wig with a silk top is worth the money if you are going for the realistic look. You can bleach the knots on a wig, but I would only do that if you are experienced or good at following orders. If you do it wrong, the knots will come out looking "orange" and too unnatural. You can ruin your wig if you do it wrong. Besides you don't want to do too  much to the wig which can encourage tangling, shedding, and reduce the life of your wig. These wigs aren't expensive and can be the same price as a car note. Wigs can last a little longer than two years if they are treated right. 

I just purchased my first silk top, after wanting one for years from Ruth's Beauty. I can't wait to get it and hope that it will come soon. I took advantage of a sale they are currently having along with FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!  Can't go wrong with free 2 day shipping. There was an overnight option to Indiana for an additional $32.00 but there's no need for that.

So look forward to an update shortly!


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