Mr. Kevin Aucoin RIP But Your Products.... (Sensual Skin Enhancer)

Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer S15
Please excuse me I'm sick with a lupus flare!

Are awesome!
  I am an S15. Now they  don't really sell these products in Nordstroms anymore. That's where I first found out about them on the website. Ive been meaning to purchase them for at least three years now but other things got in the way and I never got the chance to do so.

However, when I came across it again, I had to try it. I rolled my wheelchair up Michigan ave. to the Nordstorms over there, after paying $27 to park for fifty minutes. However, I learned that they were not being sold in the store and only online. That left me to guesstimate what color would be the best for me. It is hard to purchase makeup online because of monitor settings. They will be different for each computer and colors have the tendency to be lighter or darker, depending on how each monitor is set.
 I did some research and found out that Mr. Kevin Aucoin was a pretty neat guy that loved makeup from the beginning. He was born in Shreveport of all places and was way ahead of his time. However, he was so loved and appreciated by many people and his talent was superb. He passed away in February 2002 much too soon to kidney and liver failure. Some of his celebrity clients were Janet Jackson, Courtney Love,  Lisa Marie Presley, and Vanessa Williams!

So I purchased it for $48 and was instantly disappointed by the small size. However, this gives medium to FULL coverage so a little goes a long way. The coverage is very thick but gave me a matte finish so this is great makeup for special occasions, problem skin, or for television. 

I thought the look was phenomenal and I didn't even do a full face with it. I will do a full face shot in a few days along with a review of my new Ruth Beauty Wig that I received the other day. I have to say I'm very happy with the product!

I have to fully recommend this product. MAC tends to give black women an ashy look. I tend to use a bronzer to warm my skin up some. I saw the Sensual Skin Enhancer online and was wanting to try something different. Well other than the fact that it is expensive AND the fact that the size is too small, I am happy with the coverage. Please forgive the way I look right now because I am very sick and getting over a lupus flare. 

But I give this a 5 out of 5 stars!


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