Ruth's Beauty Wig Silk Top 18 Inch Indian Wavy

 There was only one of these wigs and it was on Clearance so I had to purchase. It is an 18 inch wig with a silk top with Wavy Indian hair.

Here it is....
 I'm 5'5 so this hair comes down past my back, almost touching the lower part of my back.

Having fun with my new wig!

I love the silk top! I love the construction of this wig and the length. The hair is phenomenal and it doesn't shed as much. It is a great, great wig. I was going to purchase from RPG because hubby said I can get what I wanted but I decided that I wanted to save at least 80 dollars and go with Ruth's.

The only thing I wasn't happy with was the shipping time. I ordered the wig the last week of January and I didn't get it until almost three weeks later. I emailed the company and asked for a ship date and no one ever responded to me. I just got an automated email about three days before it was supposed to come and it came one day earlier than it was supposed to. Good thing I stayed home that day. LOL.

But other than shipping time and no communication from the company, the wig construction is very good. Just as good as my RPG wig, which is made superbly. I used a bit of tape to tape it down in the front of my head for the picture. It is sexy. A little water and some Keracare conditioner makes it so wavy and pretty. My hubby loves it and you will too....if the wig pops back on the site. 

I give this wig 4 out of 5 stars and that's only for the shipping time.


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