Stop Lying Hair Extremists! Caught Red Handed!

I'm so sick of this ladies that I don't know what to do. On Sundays, I like to luxuriate on YouTube and watch Natural hair and weave gurus do different styles and try different products with their hair. It's so exciting to see that Black women's hair is so versatile that you can rock your natural curls on Monday and be weaved on up Thursday, just to sport "Poetic Justice" braids in a month. It's really awesome. Other people (read:races) seem to be astonished by the versatility of our hair.

But this is where I draw the line. There are those that aren't that knowledgeable about weaves and they go around on the Internet and claim that black women don't like their hair texture. That's why they have to wear textures from women of other races. 

"You never see women wearing natural short weaves do you?" 

If I got a dollar for every time I saw this, then I would be rich.

But women do wear these weaves all the time. If you believe this statement, then you've probably seen them. YOU just ASSUMED that they were real! LOL. You thought that they were real when they were really just weaves. Black women have always complained that their textures were never available. Think about it. Women wore straight weaves because many of us had relaxers. So why would a woman with a relaxer buy a natural weave?

Now that women are embracing their own textures (not out of hate but times change..think 70's)
that they are now looking for textures to match their own hair. So now curly textures are in high demand. But then, don't assume that all black women have 4B/C hair. Our hair comes in lots of different textures so they would have different needs when it comes to their hair blending in the right way.

So when people choose to make a bunch of assumptions, they are usually wrong, wrong, wrong. It is much easier to rely on your version of events than it is to find out what the truth is. But I guess that's too much to ask when the truth doesn't fit in with what agenda you're pushing at the time. 

Two years ago, this blog did an answer to a piece that I found online where a woman was making the case that wearing a weave is not a protective style. She made the same claim that black women don't wear short and natural weaves, which is utterly ridiculous. Do you think that writer tried to actually find out before she wrote the post what the truth is or do you think she just wanted to push what SHE THOUGHT? It was her own agenda that blinded her to the truth. 

Show me someone that likes to lie in their own filth lies and I'll show you a person that you should run away from quickly.


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