Hair Addict Online Review--Indian Wavy

 The owner of this company has great business practices and also has great products. My daughter has purchased from this company for the past year and she keeps going back because of their awesome products and their great customer service.
 Twice, I've had to email them about sending the hair due to a mistake in their system, but when the mistake was noted, the hair was shipped immediately. Just recently, I let them know that the hair had not shipped and within minutes I was given a tracking number and the hair shipped. She rectified the situation almost immediately. Customer service is beyond everything here! Not to mention the wonderful hair.
 So here is my lovely daughter. She is wearing 14-16-20 Indian Wavy complete with closure! Hair porn for you!

She and I together on my birthday!

Her hair is doing wonderful. It doesn't shed or tangle. She takes excellent care of the hair and uses Organix products on the hair. It always waves back up, regardless of the abuse that my daughter puts it through. She is a teenager and she wants her hair the way that she wants it. Hair Addict Online is the kind of hair that can take a beating and keep on ticking. I am truly impressed with the quality in  a business that everyone is trying to get into.

With the endless quantities of vendors out here and the amount of celebrities trying to get in on the hair game, it's hard to go through who has great hair and who doesn't. When everyone is trying to sell hair at knock down prices, quality goes down and that's what we don't want.

I've never had that issue with Hair Addict. I am in love with the Indian collection more so than the Brazilian hair. However, if you have more coarse hair, Brazilian is the hair for you definitely. It's a tad heavier and will match Black hair more closely than the Indian hair will. Indian hair, however is light, and curls like a dream. My daughter prefers it over anything else. It basically boils down to preference.

I give hands down. They get ***** out of ***** from me! Thank you so much for the service and the hair. I can't wait to do her install!


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