Damned if You Do.....

(NOTE: These are not my sentiments nor the sentiments of this blog. These are statements that are heard in our community all the time.)

Black women...

You hate yourself if you straighten your hair. Why can't you deal with your own texture? It's what God gave you.

You need to do something with your nappy hair. It doesn't look professional. You can do something better than that. Why didnt you at least comb your hair? Can't you at least straighten it? This is a very important meeting and we need to all look our best.

Perms are better for our hair because in the relaxed state, the hair won't tangle or have that velcro effect when the strands stick together.

Natural hair is better because it is the hair that God gave you, it's better to not have chemicals in your hair, and it promotes better hair growth. Hair in it's natural state is just the best.

But when you wear your hair natural and decide to straighten it, then rain becomes your mortal enemy. You should just permanently straighten it. It's better. You can even swim and your hair will stay straight.

Perming your hair could give you cancer! (these are not my words)

Black women hair looks terrible. They are the only race in the world where their hair looks so different than everyone else. It looks disgusting.

Why do you wear extensions?

Black women's hair never grows. That's why they wear extensions. They HAVE to.

Why do you wear extensions? Are you not proud of your hair?

Black hair grows very slowly. They just can't grow hair like others.

Black women are so jealous of other races which is why they have to wear extensions with textures that aren't even exclusive to black women.

If black women are going to wear a weave, then why don't they wear textures closer to their own? Why do they want pin straight hair?

White Women....


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