My Hair Over The Years

Doing a length check in 2014

This is where I started in 2007 with my hair journey.  My hair was a hot mess. It was ninety-eleven different lengths. I hated it. A friend cut it off and I was angry but it needed to be done.

2008. I was protective styling with ponytails and half wigs. I wanted my hair to grow long and strong and it was taking too LONG! I wanted hair down my back like YESTERDAY!

I think this was 2008-09. I was proud of my hair but I decided to stop perming it or at least be texlaxed.

This is me at shoulder length 2010! Happy days. It took forever but I really wasn't retaining what I grew.

I needed to focus on covering my hair and using protective styles. So I found tree braids. These are wonderful and was just right for me. When they start to grow out, they don't look so good but when they are fresh, man LOOK OUT!

These are bantu knots that didn't work out so well so I tied them back with a scarf and used some gel on my edges to slick them back. It looked great. I was just diagnosed with lupus days after this picture was taken.

This is my hair in a banded ponytail. I wear the ponytails banded like this to keep them kind of under control. I can't stand when my hair is flying all around me. 

In the last picture, I was doing a length check in 2015. I was proud of my hair but again, I want it to be longer. I wish I had the strength today to flat iron my hair straight.

This is my hair around May or April of this year. I had just straightened it out and I was shocked at the length. I want it to grow longer so I just braided it back up again and started protective styling! That's the way to do ti. Put your hair away and protective style.


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