FlicChic Boutique A Scam?


This web address is the old address to the internet store. The clothing is nice but nothing you would wear to work. They sell "urban" clothing with urban models under the premise that you could buy their clothing for a decent price.

A friend of mine was taken in by them. She was given a fake tracking number and ordered her clothing three weeks ago. She has yet to receive her item that she spent a total of $45. That's not a lot of money but still, these companies think that they can get away with it and then just operate under another name when things get too hot. No bueno.


This is the Facebook account for the store. She asks people not to post their problems on her page and to contact her directly. That's a red flag!


This is the new website that you can purchase from.

Here are some complaints that we found on the internet involving this company.

  • Date Occurred: 09/14/2015
  • Reported Damages: $94.77
I placed an order with this company online with 2 day shipping ($20.00). I received and email on Sept. 16, 2015, from Jason Pea stating "Sorry for the delay in processing your order, However, the black maxi top is unavailable. Would you like to receive it in another color? Olive or Burgundy?" I choose to receive it in another color. I have sent several emails and have yet to receive a response and I have yet to receive my order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY...

And another complaint listed....

I placed an order with this company and before I placed the order I emailed and asked if I would have the merchandise within a weeks time they stated that I would. I placed the order in hopes of my order for a certain event and I got nothing. It's been 2 weeks and I have not received an email stating that my order has been shipped or anything. I followed up with them numerous of times via their Facebook page fliChic boutique and I haven't got a reply since I placed the order although I can see that the messages are being read. I have not heard anything from this boutique after they got my money nor have I received my order. Do not order from http://shopsweetpeaboutique.com they are a fraud and very unprofessional.


She is listed under BBB and she got an F rating. There is also an alert for the business. She had over 50 complaints that were listed as unresolved. Stay away from this business unless you like giving your money away to strangers. 

This is not good news for those of you that have placed orders with this company.  Every day there seems to be more and more scams in the world. I'm not saying that this company is a scam but I am saying that you need to be more aware of who you are spending your money with and who you give your credit card information to. Such a shame. This woman could make more money if she actually sold the real things versus scamming people out of their money. My friend is reversing the charges so this woman won't see her $45 however, she'd make more if she stopped scamming people and give them what they paid for. 


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