Feature Hair Care Person Of the Day: Winter Edition

This is Layla D. She just had a birthday so join me in wishing her a Happy 18th! She is a grown woman now.

Today she is going to tell us about her hair care regimen and favorite masks.

Sonya: Good Morning Layla!

Layla: I am fine.

S: What are you trying to achieve with your hair goals?

L: Waist length natural hair.

S: Your favorite hair care products?

L: Coconut oil, eco styler gel, and tea tree oil shampoo or the tea tree tingle shampoo by Trader Joes.

S: What are you wearing on your hair right now?

L: Avocado, honey, and olive oil mixed together. I call this my avocado mask and it is a protein treatment. It revitalizes damaged hair and brings my curls back to life. It makes my hair soft, shiny, and groups my curls into chunks. That prevents frizziness and breakage that I tend to get.  I do this in the Winter a lot because avocado is filled with fat and the olive oil is a very heavy oil, therefore it is very moisturizing for my hair.

S: Is there a recipe?

L: I blend an avocado with honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. Then I leave it on for 45 minutes, wearing a cap. then I rinse thoroughly to get all the avocado out and follow up with a regular conditioner. Then I rinse lightly. I tend to keep some conditioner in my hair. It gives my hair lots of slip, which I love. It is not a good growth treatment but it is a stepping stone to hair growth anytime you take good care of your hair.

The avocado mask is awesome and a must try. I often use it at the end of the week when I've been doing high maintenance.  styles. It helps my curl pattern and restores health to my hair.


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