Three Things You Can Do To Grow Your Hair Today!

1. Drink plenty of water and take vitamins. 

Water is your friend. You already know this from Kindergarten on why you should drink water. I don't think I need to go into why but it does help with hair growth and your overall health. Put down the soda and pick up a water bottle.

Many vitamins are water soluble. Meaning, if you get the amount of vitamins that you need already in your diet, you will urinate the rest out, what you don't need. So be cautious here. You don't want to overdo it. However Biotin, B3, Fish Oil, C, D, A, E, Niacin, etc. Biotin is a big one but be careful with taking a large dose. Large doses of Biotin have been known to cause cystic acne, which is painful and unsightly. I have the pics to prove it.
Look what biotin did for my hair and nails. that's new growth after about thirteen days and my tracks from the sew in are already lifting.

2. Keep your hands out of it and put it away!

Hey you! Place your hands out of your hair and slowly place them at your sides. The best thing I did for hair growth was to leave it alone. I know you're excited as you start to see progress. You want to take your hair down, wear it out, and show everyone that you've got beautiful hair. Look ma! No weave!

However, this is where things tend to go awry. Naturals want to press their hair to check length. Relaxed girls want to measure new growth and play with their silky strands. Texlaxers live in between these two worlds with disastrous results. The more you play with your hair, the more it is prone to breakage. It's crazy. Don't do it. Leave your hair alone. Put it up in braids, wigs, lace fronts, or a weave. This has made my hair go from this------------>

To this...
 Hiding your hair away in protective styles is the best thing yet. I wish someone would have told me sooner. When people would tell me, I didn't listen. Now I wish I had. You should still wash it and do your regimen, however you don't need a thousand bucks to go buy hair products. Something simple and to the point will do the trick. A moisturizing shampoo, Moisturizing conditioner, protein conditioner, leave in conditioner, your favorite oil, and a large wide comb. It's important to also clarify your hair using a shampoo or ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse every six- eight weeks.

It will take some time. But hiding your hair has benefits. Playing in it and styling it, especially with heat, can damage your progress. Hiding it away stops that cold in its tracks.

3.  Stop using chemicals. 

Relaxed hair...thin but growing
Okay you relaxed heads. Before you click off this blog, I don't have anything against perms. However, if you're taking this column's advice and you're hiding your hair, why in the world would you perm it just to hide it away again? It defies logic. You're putting chemicals in your head then to slap a wig on top for the next six months. Why would you do this? You're just weakening your hair.

Natural hair, thick and growing
 Now yes, if you're relaxed, there will be a line of "demarcation" (where the relaxed and natural hair meet). This will be the area prone to the most breakage and can do some SERIOUS damage to your growth. If your relaxed hair falls off, which will happen if you keep manipulating it and not taking care of it, your hair will take much longer to reach your length goals.

I recommend two-three perms a year. Only when you take your hair out, should you perm it, wear it out for three-four weeks, then braid it back up and slap that wig on.

Naturals, I know you're not putting chemicals in your hair because then...well you already know. However, be careful when using permanent color. If your hair is not properly taken care of, your hair will break off like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. All that hard work, literally going down the drain. We don't want that. Don't make my mistakes. That's the reason why I write the blog. To help those of you who were told that you could never grow your hair because of your skin color or lack of "mixed" blood. I certainly fell for that lie. Until I saw beautiful sisters growing their hair down to their behinds.

These are three things that you can start doing today to ensure longer growth tomorrow. Come back in a year and we'll see if you were able to retain every inch that you grew. I know you can do it. I did. These tips made a believer out of me. They'll make you one too.


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